Removable Pool Fencing

Our fencing has 3 colors to choose from – Black, Tan or Black / Brown

Protect your family with a pool fence to keep kids and pets out of the pool unsupervised. Our mesh fencing keeps the pool visible while being impossible to climb, so you can have complete control over who uses your pool and when. At Optimal Pool Protection, we are dedicated to helping families in the Houston area, enjoy their pools without the risks.

self latching gate

Exceeds Safety Regulations

We understand that your number one priority when ordering pool fencing is safety, and we personally manufacture all of our products so that we can guarantee their quality and safety. Our fencing uses a Textilene polyester mesh fabric with a tensile strength rating of 270 lbs per inch. It is virtually impossible to rip, and the border is reinforced with vinyl that has a rating of 387 lbs.

You can trust our fences as all of our products have been tested by ASTM certified testing facilities and meet or exceed the regulations in ASTM 1346-91. The gate is self-latching and comes with a key lock, so you can always be in control. As an added benefit, our fences come with lifetime manufacturer’s warranties, so if anything breaks, it can be easily repaired at no extra cost.

We use the strongest poles in the industry!

Customizable and Removable

If you need a flexible option, our safety pool fences are perfect for you. Our diligent craftsmen will customize your fence using the measurements around your pool, so our fences can be made to fit pools of any size or shape.

To give you even more flexibility, our fences can be removed and stored with little effort. Every fence is made by drilling holes in the decking, and the poles are inserted in these holes. When you don’t want to use the fence, you simply take the poles out and roll up the mesh fabric for easy storage. We also provide caps to cover the holes when the fence is not in use.

Our poles are the strongest available in the industry. We are the only pool fence company that guarantees our poles against breakage in writing. Please call us at 281.659.3669 to get a free estimate.

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