Pool Safety Nets

Our pool safety net is a unique swimming pool safety solution. Made from ultra-durable netting, it lets you see the scenic water of your backyard oasis, while protecting small children, loved ones living with disabilities, and pets from entering the water. The openings in the pool safety net are small enough to keep the head and body of a toddler from slipping through, and large enough to prevent a toddler from using the net as a play surface.

pool safety net

Quality Features

Whether you’re shopping for a pool net cover in Houston or another U.S. location, our pool safety net offers high-quality features that make it a versatile solution for any in-ground pool:

  • Provides a clear view of the water and a safety barrier simultaneously
  • Custom designed dimensions that match the dimensions of your pool
  • Netting made in your choice of four colors: black, tan, brown, or blue
  • Can be fully removed in 5 minutes and reapplied within 5-10 minutes
  • Special tool provided to open and release the net, enhancing control
  • Rigorously designed and tested to ensure the highest level of quality

At Optimal Pool Protection, supplying pool safety barriers that protect small children, adult loved ones living with disabilities, and even pets is our number one concern. We are also committed to making pool safety affordable, providing durable products at prices that are always exceeded by the value in safety. To schedule a free estimate of your pool site for our pool net cover in the greater Houston area, please contact us today.

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