leaf covers for pools

Leaf Covers for Pools

Leaves are one of the most common types of debris that drift and blow into swimming pools. Once there, the leaves start to degrade and release sediment that falls to the bottom of the pool. When swimmers get in the water, the debris can churn up and make the pool appear drab and murky. You can easily prevent this with a custom leaf pool cover from Optimal Pool Protection.

Neighbors’ Leaves

Even if a home doesn’t have trees near the pool, the water can get filled with leaves anyway. Neighboring properties that have trees can cause nearly as much accumulation as limbs that directly overhang a pool. The wind easily flies them in, and they collect until the water becomes a watery repository of decomposing foliage. Using a leaf pool cover to keep leaves from entering the water is a lot easier than constantly skimming them out with a leaf pool rake.

Custom Fit for your Pool

A leaf pool cover from Optimized Pool Protection can keep your pool free of leaves year round. Made of durable, synthetic material that weathers all seasons, the cover is customized for the exact dimensions of your pool to ensure that the surface is fully covered, with no gaps at the periphery. The lightweight cover is flush mounted to your deck with brass anchors that don’t rust. When you are ready to swim, you can remove the barrier quickly, and then dive in.

Your pool should be a place where you can relax and have fun, without being surrounded by leafy debris. Contact Optimized Pool Protection today to schedule a free estimate for a leaf pool cover.

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