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Removable Pool Fencing

As shown in our removable pool fence images, this unique type of fencing is a barrier that helps prevent people and pets from entering the water, while allowing you to view your pool through semi-transparent mesh panels. Our removable pool fencing is secured in place by sliding sleeve-supported poles into pre-drilled holes, which are covered with color-coordinated caps when the fence is taken down. You can raise or remove the fence in just a few minutes.

Pool Safety Nets

Forming a web of square holes that are too small for a child’s head or body to fit through, our pool safety nets are a strong barrier to pool entry. As seen in our pool safety images of the product, the netting also lets you maintain a pleasant view of the water. A special tool that we include with the purchase releases the net, providing an added measure of protection against people and pets entering the water. You can apply or release the net in a few minutes.

Pool Safety Covers

Our pool safety covers are so resilient that you can walk on them after securing them in place. As shown in our pool safety images of the product, the covering is an opaque barrier that leaves no space for people or pets to enter the water unimpeded. In addition to offering strong protection against accidental drowning, the product helps prevent leaves and other debris from sullying your pool. A few minutes is all it takes to apply or remove the covering.

Leaf Pool Covers

If it feels like you spend more time raking leaves from your pool than you spend swimming, use one of our leaf pool covers to keep windblown foliage at bay. As seen in our pool safety images, the lightweight cover is a complete barrier to leaves that fall into pools, then decay into swirling sediment. Made for all seasons, you can combine it with one of our safety nets for a pool that’s both safer and cleaner. The cover can be applied or released in just minutes.

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